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The voyage is different for everyone. Shouldn’t the tools you use to get the most out of life be made to complement yours?

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When it comes to insurance, your high net worth makes performing deeper due diligence essential.

It’s an all-too-common scenario: a high-net-worth individual ends up taking a “set-it-and-forget-it” approach to life insurance where they end up with a pre-fabricated, unspecialized policy and fail to take advantage of its true potential: a tool for income protection, estate and legacy planning and asset protection.

The truth is, the complexity of the UHNW estate requires a more sophisticated and prudent approach to your insurance. Your life insurance contract should be the result of careful strategy, and needs to be managed and reviewed annually – no differently than any other investment you own.

THE PRUDENT APPROACHMinimize risk and maximize benefits with an insurance solution designed for you.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, serial investor, real estate developer, dynastic family, or an executive, we are here to help you navigate these complexities prudently.

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We are committed to taking a thoughtful, sensible approach to insurance.

“We use sophisticated solutions to address the complexity of your wealth, but our mission is straightforward: finding the best and most cost-effective strategy for you, and getting it done right.”

Steve Olson, CFP®, AEP®
CEO, Prudent Insurance

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Whether you’re developing an exit from your business, want to maximize your legacy, or have achieved enough wealth to have an estate tax liability that you need to solve for––Prudent can help.

We invite you to explore just a few of clients’ stories to see the difference the Prudent approach to insurance can make.

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